Programs and School Services

STUDENT ADVISORY PROGRAM    ~  T’nT  or ‘Trojan Time’

Through sessions built into the daily timetable, students meet with a teacher advisor whose role is that of support and guidance.  Besides offering direction, the program fosters communication between home and school, promotes awareness of diversity and tolerance and prepares students for the life transitions they may face.


A good education starts with caring relationships.  Research shows that students who feel they are part of a supportive environment, and those who feel an attachment to school staff, are more likely to have better attendance and are less likely to drop out than students who do not feel such an attachment.  T’nT provides opportunities for students to develop a personal connection to their school and to achieve positive outcomes, which correlate with improved academic successes.


The T’nT curriculum is designed to guide students through a number of key areas such as:

· Orientation to School Life and Citizenship

· Goal Setting, Reflection, and Self-Assessment

· Relationships and Community Building

· Independent Learning Strategies and Tools

· Career Guidance and Transitions

· Real World Connections, Social Responsibility, and Leadership

· Pursuit of Personal Passions, Interests, and Fun Stuff

· Two and Three-Way Conferencing

T’nT can help parents/guardians be more informed about and supportive of, their students in school.  Advisors are the first, consistent, and most important contacts with the school.

AP (Advanced Placement)

Advanced Placement (AP) is an international enrichment program.  Through the Advanced Placement’s courses and exams, high school students can earn university credit and advanced placement, stand out in admissions process and, more importantly, follow their passion in one or more AP subjects.  AP operates on an open access policy meaning that any student can try an Advanced Placement course.  AP can be a diploma program.  Students in Advanced Placement study the regular Saskatchewan curricula with a focus on a more enriched academic program.  AP is all about creating a university-ready culture.



Campus Regina Public is a career-centered program available to all Grade 11 and Grade 12 students registered with Regina School Division. Campus Regina offers two-credit courses that are occupation specific, taught by experienced teachers and industry professionals using state-of-the-art equipment.  CAMPUS REGINA PUBLIC has a number of programs, all of which include academic credits, apprenticeship hours, and varied technological certificates.  Students from Thom who attend Campus Regina are transported each day to their classes at the Campus Regina facilities.



The guidance department offers a variety of services to students, teachers and parents.  These services include:

·         individual counseling aimed at meeting the educational, personal, social and career planning needs of students;

·         referral to various outside agencies as needed;

·         current information on post-secondary programs as well as vocational materials;

·         financial assistance by way of scholarship and bursary information as well as various loan and grant information.

A counsellor is available every period of the day for personal, vocational, and educational counselling. The centre is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  You are encouraged to drop in to look through the career and self-help materials on display, to use the computer career program, or to talk to a counsellor.  Please see us if you are having personal or academic problems, or to talk about subject selection and career planning.  Parents are also welcome to call a counsellor at 523-3600 regarding any concerns they may have.

Regina Public Schools strives to provide students and families with an accurate and current list of available community resources. These organizations are not affiliated directly with Regina Public Schools and are meant to be used in the interim until you are able to talk with a guidance counsellor. Regina Public Schools assumes no responsibility for the operation of these outside agencies.

Community Supports:

Please click on the following link to view our current list: Counsellor Resource List



The Indigenous Advocacy program supports and enhances the high school experience of First Nations, Metis and Inuit students through academic advising, tutorial support, and post-secondary planning.



The Learning Resource Program is for students who have been identified as having learning difficulties. A variety of service options are available and range from supporting teachers in making adaptations, monitoring students’ progress, providing consultative services, as well as regularly scheduled tutorial classes.



The EAL Resource Teacher supports students with language learning.  EAL students are provided sheltered literacy classes and tutorials.  Students who do not yet have the necessary English literacy skills to be successful in the academic program may receive sheltered literacy classes.  Once students have acquired the necessary English literacy skills, they are integrated into the regular academic program with tutorial support.



The Regina Qu’Appelle Health District drug and alcohol counselor is available to support students and family.  Please contact the Guidance Office.



You are welcome to visit our Resource Officer located on the main floor of Thom Collegiate. The Resource Officer is here to assist students with concerns and problems, as well as help them understand the role of a police officer and the individual’s responsibility to the community, the law, and its enforcement.



The library houses a variety of research and recreational materials.  Books may be borrowed for two weeks.  Reference books may not leave the school library.  Internet access and on-line databases are available on all computers.  The library is open to all students from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and from 12:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. for quiet work or study.  There is to be no food or drinks in the library, so all students have time to eat before coming into the library.



The auditorium is a special place in our school in which students are expected to conduct themselves with dignity. Courtesy for the performers and consideration for the other members of the audience are key words governing expected conduct.



For students who remain at school for lunch, the S.R.C. provides a canteen service, and microwaves are available for student use.  Students are encouraged to eat their lunch in the Student Commons Areas.  Staff members are assigned to supervise.



Trojan Territory is located in the foyer of the school, directly across from the elevator.  It is stocked with t-shirts, sweatshirts, performance shirts, golf shirts, tank tops, as well as hats and water bottles. New items are being added periodically throughout the year



Parents are able to access information about their student through our online parent portal.  This allows parents to see attendance, grades and assignments, teacher comments, next year class requests and the school daily bulletin.  Due to the confidential nature of the information parents are required to pick up the access code information in person from the office. We encourage you to join us online!


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