Student Expectations


Grade 9 - full timetable

Grade 10 - full timetable

Grade 11 - minimum of nine credits

Grade 12 - minimum of eight credits



Students are encouraged to take as many courses possible.  Unassigned times provide a student with an opportunity to use the library or the Student Commons Area for homework or quiet student discussion.  Students may also use this time to seek assistance from available teachers.



Normally, students will be expected to maintain the subject selection made on pre-registration forms.



Any changes to a student’s timetable should be made within the first two weeks of the semester.  Changes will be considered only after the student has completed the Timetable Request Form.



Students who request permission to drop a subject MUST complete the Request for Class Discontinuance Form and submit it to his or her guidance counsellor.

The counsellor may contact the parents to discuss the implications of any change in timetable.

The subject teacher will complete the appropriate form and direct the student to the Guidance Department.

The Vice-Principal will contact the student and effect the change.



All students are to be completely equipped for each gym period.  Grade 9 uniforms will be available from the P.E. Office (black shorts, tops).  Acceptable running shoes must be worn.  It is recommended that each student take a shower after a gym period. All personal articles (coats, boots, etc.) must be kept in the student’s hall locker and NOT in a gymnasium locker.  After changing into their gym outfits, students must ensure that their own personal clothing is locked in a gymnasium locker, and removed at the end of class. Students may use the gym before school, at noon or after school if in proper dress and under teacher supervision.  Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times.




1. It is a privilege to have Internet access.

2. The Internet access is free to users.

3. A RESPONSIBLE user of the Internet may have access as long as the user is a teacher or student at Thom Collegiate.

Responsible Users May:

Use the Internet to research assigned classroom projects.

Use the Internet to send electronic mail (e-mail) to other users.

Use the Internet to explore other computer systems.


Responsible Users May NOT:

Use the Internet for any illegal purpose.

Use impolite or abusive language.

Violate the rules of common sense and etiquette.  This includes accessing sites which contain inappropriate content or material.  If you are not sure, ask.

Change any computer files that do not belong to the user.

Send or get copyrighted materials without permission.

Give their password to anyone.

System operators will have access to all user accounts, including e-mail.  If the rules above are not followed by any person, use of the network will be cancelled.  If the user is not sure how to do something on the computer, ask a teacher or the system administrator in the school.



Cell phones are not allowed to be used during class time unless permission is given by the teacher.  Also, students are not allowed to photograph, take video, or record students/teachers without permission.  Students who do not comply with these rules may have their cell phone confiscated.



There is a pay phone in the main hall for student use during student spares, noon hour, or after class.  Students are requested to keep calls under five minutes.  If parents/guardians need to contact a student, they must contact the main office and a message will be delivered to the student.



All visitors, including family and friends, are required to report to the office upon arrival and will be directed to the appropriate area.



Each student will be assigned a hall locker on the first day of school.  Each student must have a lock for his/her hall locker.  Students in Grades 9 and 10 will require an additional lock for their gym lockers.  Only DUDLEY locks purchased at Thom Collegiate ($4.75) are permitted.  It is his/her responsibility to keep it damage free and clean at all times.  The lockers are the property of Thom Collegiate; therefore, the lockers and their contents may be searched if the need arises.



Students are allowed to park in the Northeast parking lot, and along the north alley, on a first come first serve basis.  Students who abuse this privilege by driving erratically may be issued a traffic ticket by our Resource Officer or be asked to temporarily or permanently park elsewhere.  Students who park outside the designated area may have their vehicle towed.

For the safety of our students, teachers and visitors, please do not drop students off in the staff parking lots on the North and East sides.



Students are expected to comply with the dress code.  Students wearing inappropriate clothing that promotes the use of drugs, alcohol, offensive language, or any revealing, unsuitable attire, will be asked to change.  Also, any clothing accessories that may be a threat to student safety are not allowed. Students are allowed to wear hats, except during formal assemblies.



Noted disrespect by a student toward a staff member will require a consultation between the teacher and Principal or Vice-Principal regarding the circumstance.  Also discussed will be the intervention strategy necessary for resolution, or whether the student will be suspended.



Staff will correct students who use profane language.  If the profane language persists, the Vice-Principal will meet with the student and make contact with home.  If the profanity still persists, a meeting with the parent/guardian will be arranged, which will lead to either a resolution or suspension.



It is illegal to smoke on school property. E-cigarettes and Vapes will be treated the same way as regular cigarettes. Students caught smoking may be suspended or referred to the School Resource Officer, who may decide to impose a fine.  If the smoking behaviour continues, a formal meeting with the parents/guardians will be arranged.



Students possessing or selling drugs/alcohol, possessing paraphernalia, exhibiting behaviors, or having the odor of illegal drugs/alcohol, will be referred to the Office.  Both the student and the student’s locker will be searched by the Principal or designate.  If a drug/alcohol issue is confirmed, the student’s parent/guardian will be informed of the issue and consequence, and the student may be suspended and be re-admitted through Guidance. (See next section)

Any student caught in possession of drugs/alcohol will also be referred to the School Resource Officer, who will determine if criminal charges are to be laid.  Students charged by the Regina City Police will be under review in regard to their eligibility to remain at Thom Collegiate.



For re-admission because of an incident involving drugs or alcohol,  students must be in the company of a parent or guardian, and the re-admission shall take place through the Guidance Office.  Students suspended for drugs/alcohol will also be referred to a session called, It’s Your Call, (an information session about drugs/alcohol) and a formal introduction to both our Addictions Services Counsellor and our Regina City Police Resource Officer.