Strategic Plan

Regina Public Schools Strategic Plan

Planning for Student Success

Regina Public Schools has a well-coordinated planning process, which enables alignment of the strategic plan and all school division planning activities with those of the Education Sector Strategic Plan (ESSP). The Regina Public Schools Strategic Plan provides overall direction for everything the division does and serves as a guide to ensure that all RPS planning processes are in alignment with each other.

This four-year plan was created following a thorough and extensive consultation process that included thousands of stakeholders, employees and students. The voices of those who represent diverse and marginalized communities were heard and are reflected in the plan.

The plan demonstrates the School Division’s commitment to address the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action and work towards increased Indigenous student achievement. At the same time, this plan reflects the Division’s unwavering support for diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of our operations. We strive to provide a caring and welcoming learning environment for all students and staff. 

This Strategic Plan is a guide to our organization’s actions and initiatives for the next four years. It is also designed to be flexible enough to incorporate new ideas and opportunities that may help further the Division’s efforts to achieving our vision and will be renewed and updated annually.

Each school in the Division plays a significant role in implementing this plan. School-level plans have been created that have actions building towards the goals and strategic priorities in the Division plan.

The Regina Public Schools Strategic Plan (2023-2027) continues its commitment to student success through a Leadership for Learning framework and five core strategies:

The strategic priorities are:

1. Engaged & Successful Students.

2. Equitable & Safe Environments.

3. Healthy & Skilled Employees.

4. Sustainable & Accountable Operations.

5. Effective Governance & Leadership.

The above strategies will be the focus of school division planning and implementation activities through 2027. The division’s expenditures will continue to be aligned to support the achievement of these targets, and the effectiveness of the strategies will be monitored and adjusted annually.

The diversity of Regina’s neighbourhoods, student learning needs, and levels of community support for schools across the division dictate that a differentiated and incremental approach to target setting and goal attainment is necessary at the local school level. Therefore, School Strategic Plans (formally Learning Improvement Plans) at the school level are designed to achieve realistic, contextualized and incremental improvement in student results.