Graduation Pre- and Post-Graduation Planning

Regardless of what direction students want to go after graduation, if there are questions about applying for post-secondary, what options are available, or where to find scholarships, we hope that this Trojan Transition document serves as a starting point, click here.

For a more comprehensive list of resources, click here.

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Student Loans

Student loan application can be accessed at

The 2021-22 application period is now open.  Also, by applying for a student loan you will automatically receive and do not have to repay  The Saskatchewan Advantage Scholarship (SAS) which provides eligible grade 12 graduates, $500 per year, to a lifetime maximum of $2,000.

Students who do not need student loan funding, should still apply and check off ‘bursary and grants funding only’ so that they will receive the $500 SAS.

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

  1. Scholarships do not simply fall into a student’s lap. It takes time and effort to find scholarships that you are eligible for. It is important to be prepared for applying for scholarships as often they require letters of reference, transcripts, or a personal reflection. Here are some tips on how to be prepared for applying for scholarships. 

  1. Student Service offices are often notified about community scholarships, which we make available to students through the Regina Public Schools website and posters outside of guidance. This list is not comprehensive, and students are encouraged to search out additional scholarship opportunities. 

  1. In the spring of each year, application forms are made available for Internal Scholarships. Please talk with your advisory teacher or guidance for more information. 

  1. Every post-secondary institution has their own entrance scholarships. It is important to look at the institutions you are applying or have been accepted to so that you do not miss out. 

                        University of Regina Scholarships click here UofR video and help resources                  

                        Saskatchewan Polytechnic Scholarships and Application Dates click here

                        University of Saskatchewan Scholarships click here

  1. Student Loans: In Saskatchewan, students who apply for Student Loans are automatically considered for three forms of financial assistance. In addition to student loans, you will also be automatically considered for grants and bursaries from both the Government of Canada and the Government of Saskatchewan. That is money for school that students won't need to ever pay back! Last year, 56% of the Saskatchewan assistance provided was non-repayable. Fall applications for student loans will be available online in June at You can also visit their website now and try out the Student Financial Assistance Estimator and find out based on your financial situation, how much funding you may be eligible for to attend a post-secondary institution. 

  1. There are many other opportunities for funding and here are just a few to get you started:

                         Scholarships Canada 

                         Universities of Canada

                         Disability Awards

                         Fund Your Future


                         Academic Invest

                         Government of Saskatchewan


Regina Trades and Skills Centre