NEW! Land-based Learning Program

A Land-based education program

Miskasowin askihk


Miskasowin is a land-based program for students who prefer to learn through hands-on, outdoor experiences. The program will take place at Campus Regina Public (CRP) for four hours a day for one semester. Students will have the opportunity to earn 5 credits towards graduation while learning on the land.  Credits include Phys Ed 20/30, Environmental Science 20/Earth Science 30, Wildlife Management 20/30, Native Studies 20/30 and Cree 10/20/30. Students will have the unique opportunity to earn university level credits in both Cree 100 and Indigenous Studies 100

Students will work alongside teachers and knowledge keepers to prepare hides, study plants, speak Cree, and obtain skills in bridging Indigenous knowledge and Western science such as water testing.  Outdoor experiences include hiking, snowshoeing, canoeing, fire making, making camp, building shelters, whittling, fishing, and preparing foods and medicines.

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