UR Beginning: ONLINE Course Registration Days

April 30th is the official first day of open registration for new students for Fall 2020! All first year students are invited to attend a 

Virtual Course Registration Event:

Thursday, April 30 - morning & afternoon sessions

Friday, May 1 - morning & afternoon sessions

Thursday, May 14 - afternoon session

Friday, June 12 - afternoon session

UR Beginning: Course Registration


What will I be learning at my URB session?

    Meet your Faculty Academic Advising team!

    Learn how your program is structured, what overall classes you will need to complete, and what courses you should take for your first semester. 

    Discover how to use our Visual Schedule Builder to plan your ideal Fall semester. 

    Register yourself in classes. 

Please note that you must register to attend UR Beginning. See link above to register.  

Are you registered through a Federated College? Please contact your college to book an academic advising appointment. 

    Campion College: campion.registrar@uregina.ca

    Luther College: luther.registration@uregina.ca

    First Nations University of Canada: info@firstnationsuniversity.ca


Enrolment Counselling Appointments

Students that require an enrolment counselling appointment, please encourage them to visit urconnected.uregina.ca  to book a phone appointment. A member of our Recruitment Team will phone them at an agreed-upon, scheduled time

Questions? Contact us at 1-800-644-4756 or enrolment.services@uregina.ca and we'd be happy to help!

Text Us! Admitted and prospective students can send us a text at 587-609-6049 and we can answer any questions by text.