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Student Support Services


Program Description Guidelines Documentation Required Referrals
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program A continuum of support service for high school students with mild to profound hearing losses and whose communication skill/ education progress are adversely affected.

• profound disability is a hearing loss

• hearing impairment is greater than 34dB

• student is unable to function in the regular program even with the aid of an interpreter

♦ Audiologist Report  
French Immersion Continuation of the elementary French Immersion Program     French Immersion Registration Form
Learning Resource Program System program to address the needs of students who are capable of reqular academic programming with minimal assistance.

• organizational strategies.

• consultation with students, parents and teachers.

• consultation/ support/ materials to subject teacher.

• tutorial support.

♦ students with identified learning disiabilities who are unable to access the LDRP

♦ students who display learning difficulties

Recommendation by the SIT Committee

Low Enrolment Grade 9 English or Math School based program for students who with additional support may/ will succeed in regular academic programming.

• students referred but unable to access LRP.

• history of good attendance.

• work ethic indicates this benefit the student.

♦ referrals discussed at consultation meetings with Elementary teachers and Learning Resource teachers.  
Supportive Environment Program System program for students who have been diagnosed with psychiatric disorders and who can achieve with addition support and programming.

• high school aged students with a diagnosis of significant mood or anziety disorders

• capable of regular high school program with support.

♦ application for Special Education Programs

♦ Permission to Apply for Placement in a Special Education Program

♦ Letter of diagnosis

Dave Gorrie