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Gap year travel opportunities

Sask Youth Apprenticeship

Registration for RDIEC's Career Spotlights and Career Connections

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  Campus Regina Public

  Regina Trades & Skills Centre

  Sask Polytechnic Dual Credit

  UR Accelerated - English 100 or Anthropology 100

  Night School

  Summer Apprenticeship Program (SAP) - Students working in an approved trade can earn credits for Apprenticeship 30A &30B.

  See Ms. Neetz for more info!



My Blueprint is a great websites to access career tests, post-secondary, and scholarship information.

Trade Up Saskatchewan

Work Safe Saskatchewan – Know your rights and responsibilities!




September 28th - Medical Diagnostic Programs Applicant Information Session (1-4 pm)

September 28th - Campion College Information Night (7-9 pm)

October 5th - Luther Collegie Information Night (7-9:30 pm)

October 6th - Deadline to apply for the Women in Trades and Technology Exploratory Course (runs Oct. 14th-Nov. 19th)

October 11th - What is Engineering? (8:30 am-4:30 pm)

October 14th - U of R Fall Open House, Admission on the Spot, and registration for UR Accelerated (9 am - 3:30 pm)

October 16th - Deadline to sign up for the Ledcor Construction Career Spotlight

October 19th - Sask Polytech Information Night (6:30-8 pm)

October 24th - Ledcor Construction Career Spotlight (9 am-12:30 pm)

October 25th - Computer Gaming & Programming - Sask Polytechnic Moose Jaw Campus

October 28th - Machining Madness (10 am-3 pm)

November 1st - Deadline to sign up for the Pipefitters, Plumbers, and Boilermakers Career Spotlight

November 2nd - Saskatchewan Disease Control Lab (9am-12:30 pm)

November 2nd - Deadline to sign up for Machining Career Connection (runs November 10th-December 8th)

November 2nd - Deadline to sign up for Auto Body Career Connection (runs November 10th-December 8th)

November 3rd - Deadline to sign up for the RQHR Health Links

November 7th - See Your Future Career Fair 

November 7th - Pipefitters, Plumbers, and Boilermakers Career Spotlight (9 am-3:15 pm)

November 8th - City of Regina Urban Planning Careers Spotlight (8:30 am -4:30 pm)

November 8th - Machining Career Connection begins (9 am - 3:15 pm)

November 8th - Auto Body Career Connection begins (9 am-3:15 pm)

November 8th - Careers Unlimted (5-8 pm)

November 14th - SUTIL Post-Secondary Fair at Thom Collegiate (periods 4&5)

November 16th - Health Links (10 am-3 pm)

November 16th - Sask Polytech INSIGHT 

November 20th - Deadline to sign up for the RCMP Career Spotlight

November 21st - Social Work Information Night (6:30-8 pm)

November 23rd - RCMP Career Spotlight (10:15 am - 4:30 pm)

November 27th - Deadline to sign up for the Emergency Services Paramedic Career Spotlight

November 30th - Deadline to register for TASCAP Semester 2

December 7th - Grade 11 Career Fair at CRP (morning)

December 7th - Emergency Services Paramedic Career Spotlight (9:30 am - 12:30 pm)

December 7th - Kinesiology and Health Studies Day (9:30 am-3:30 pm)

December 7th - What is Business? (9:30 am-3:30 pm)

December 7th - U of R Admission on the Spot (3:30-7:30 pm)

December 8th - Deadline to apply for UR Accelerated Eng 100 or Anthropology 110

December 8th - Deadline to sign up for the Regina Flying Club Spotlight

December 13th - Regina Flying Club (9 am-12 pm or 1-4 pm)

February 2nd - Deadline to register for the Women in Trades and Technology Exploratory Course (runs Feb. 10th-March 25th)

February 15th - Deadline for Nursing (U of R) and High Demand Programs at Sask Polytechnic

February 15th - U of R Admission on the Spot (3:30-7:30 pm)

February 28th - Deadline to submit documentation (i.e. Semester 1 transcripts) for Nursing and High Demand Programs

March 1st- Deadline for Teacher Applications (Early Conditional)

March 1st - Deadline for Visual Arts and Indian Fine Arts (Early Conditional)

March 15th - Deadline for Early Conditional Applications to U of R

March 15th - Deadline to apply for U of R Scholarships

April 30th - Deadline to register for TASCAP Semester 1

May 1st - Final deadline to apply for Faculty of Education

June 1st - Student Loan packages available online

June 15th - Deadline to submit Sask Youth Apprenticeship Passport to Ms. Neetz for Grade 12 students

August 1st - Final deadline to apply for U of R programs *Nursing, Education, and Visual Arts have earlier dadlines)

 Students attending post secondary institutions MUST send in a final transcript after June exams (printed in July).  

Use this link to order your final transcripts.



    Terry Fox Humanitarian Award (Februrary 1st)

Kin Canada Bursaries (February 1st)

    RBC Student Leading Change Scholarship (February 23rd)

RBC Aboriginal Student Awards Program (February 28th)

Saskatchewan Agriculture Student Scholarship (March 1st)

    RE/MAX Quest for Excellence (March 13th)

    Prince of Wales Scholarship - Grade 11 (March 15th) 

    Queen's Diamond Jubilee Scholarship (March 15th)

    U of R Entrance Awards (March 15th)  

    Oddfellows and Rebekahs of Saskatchewan (March 22nd)

    MS Society John Helou Scholarship  (March 31st)

SaskTel Gord Kuhn Scholarship (March 31st)

SaskTel Scholarships (March 31st)

    Mary Joyce Booth Memorial Scholarship (April 8th)

    Affinity Credit Union Build a Better World Scholarship (April 17th)

Access Communications Scholarship Program (April 20th)

    Saskatchewan Arts Board Prince Edward Arts Scholarship (May 1st)

    SaskTel Metis Scholarships (May 1st and October 1st)

    Saskatchewan Pulse Growers (May 6th)

    Dr. Paul Schwann Humanitarian Award (May 15th)

    Elwood Harvey Co-Operative Leadership Award - Grade 11 (May 1st)

    Sydney Bloxom Scholarships (May 15th)

    Lorne Ashton Scholarship (May 15th)

    Ron Pettigrew Scholarship (May 15th)

    Wascana Kiwanis George and Margret Yeo Basketball Scholarship (May 15th)

    Wascana Kiwanis Club Football Scholarship (May 15th)

ACLS Foundation Geomatics Scholarship Program (May 15th)

    Regina Open Door Society Newcomer Bursary (May 20th)

    B. Davis Scholarship (May 23rd)

    Carlyle Murray Educational Foundation (May 29th) - Pick up application in Thom Career Center

    Monsanto Opportunity Scholarship Fund (May 29th)

4-H Canada (May 31st)

    Leader-Post Foundation Bursary (May 31st)

    Les Donnelly Scholarship (May 31st)

Caretenders Scholarship Program (May 31st)

Evraz Place Scholarship Fund (May 31st) - Wascana or 7 Stones Community School graduates

Leavitt Machinary Scholarship Program (May 31st)

    CIty of Regina Henry Baker Scholarships (June 1st)

Odenza Vacations College Scholarship (June 1st)

    Nelson Civic Leadership Scholarship (June 6th)

Automotive Service Industry Association (June 15th and Nov 30th)

10 Words or Less Scholarship (June 15th) - All Grades!

Global Lift Equipment Scholarship (June 15th)

Lift Parts Express Scholarship (June 30th) - Ages 16-21!

BBG Communications Scholarship (June 30th)

    Scholarship for Aboriginal Canadians (July 6th) - Pick up application in Thom Career Center

    Scholarship for Visible Minorities (July 6th) - Pick up application in Thom Career Center

    Tommy Douglas Scholarship (July 6th) - Pick up application in Thom Career Center

    Terry Fox Memorial Scholarship (July 6th) - Pick up application in Thom Career Center

Saskatchewan School Boards Association Education Scholarships (August 31st)

Arctic Physical Therapy Scholarship (August 31st)

Canada Post Aboriginal Education Incentive Awards (August 31st)

Women in the Trades Scholarship (March 31st and September 30th)

Canadian Western Agribition Scholarships (October 1st)

AES Engineering Solutions (October 6th)

Horatio Alger Associatin of Canada Scholarships (October 25th)

SaskTel and SIIT (November 1st)

TD Scholarships for Community Leadership (November 16th)

Burger King Scholars Program (December 15th)



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   AMMSA  Aboriginal Scholarships and Bursaries

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Please be advised that the Sask. Ministry of Education has asked that all students requesting an official transcript must now use the online format. 


If you would like more information about any of the opportunities listed on this page,

please contact Claudine Neetz, Thom Guidance Counsellor, at (306)523-3608 or via email.