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Shared Values

I BelongBy facilitating a process of community consultation, through the Shared Values Advisory Committee and the Shared Values Forum, four categories of shared values have been identified. To maintain a focus on students, the areas are expressed in the form of empowering “I” statements:


I Belong

A sense of belonging is important to educational success. It is fostered by our family, our friends and our community. In an educational setting, a sense of belonging is created by recognizing and utilizing each individual's unique contributions. As a caring community, Regina Public Schools work to ensure that they are comfortable, safe places for everyone to work and learn.

Awareness of self

Relationships with others

Roles in the community

I Want to Know

The value of knowledge is fundamental to education. It is within this context that Regina Public Schools develop policies, deliver curriculum, and create appropriate and challenging learning environments. It is important to encourage and to nurture a commitment to excellence in learning, with an emphasis on academic achievement and personal, moral and ethical development. Regina Public Schools instill the value of knowledge in three areas:

Knowledge of self

Knowledge of others

Knowledge of the community, Canada and the world

I Respect

The value of respect is critical for living and learning within a diverse community. Respect provides the basis for all interactions within Regina Public Schools. Respect is based upon acceptance and understanding of the similarities and differences among people. In an educational setting, respect is an essential component to ensure that all students reach their highest potential. Teaching the value of respect includes:

Respect for self

Respect for others

Respect for the community

I Am Responsible

The value of responsibility is a cornerstone of a healthy society and essential for quality education. Regina Public Schools are committed to the development of personal, social and community responsibility. The exercise of these responsibilities extends to human interactions, the learning environment, and curriculum development and delivery. The development of personal and social responsibility places emphasis on:

Responsibility for self

Responsibility towards others

Responsibility within the community and the world

Regina Public Schools serve people and communities from a diversity of backgrounds and belief systems. Our challenge is to provide high quality education for all students in a school environment which reflects the diverse communities which we serve.

Values may be defined as our most basic, fundamental beliefs. These beliefs form the principles upon which groups and individuals guide their respective behaviours. It is our intent that the articulation of shared values from within our community will confirm and guide the delivery of quality educational experiences for all children and young people attending Regina Public Schools. This foundation for quality learning is carried out by the educators and staff at Thom Collegiate, in cooperation with parents, guardians and community members, according to the needs of students.




Thom Collegiate is a semestered comprehensive high school encompassing Grades Nine through Twelve. Our course offerings include the academics, the arts, business and technical education, and physical education complemented by a varied extra-curricular program.

Our commitment is to provide a learning environment in which each student can acquire feelings of self-worth, an attitude of disciplined self-direction, a realization of individual potential and skills, and knowledge for life-long learning in the student's quest for self-fulfillment.

Thom Collegiate is part of the Regina School Division No. 4 of Saskatchewan (Regina Public Schools) is one of the largest school divisions in the province, serving the educational needs of more than 23,000 students in 44 public elementary schools; eight public high schools; three faith-based, associate schools; as well as at Campus Regina Public and the Allan Blakeney Adult Campus.