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Supportive Environmental Program

The Supportive Environmental Program (SEP) is an individualized program for students who require additional support in order to function in the "mainstream" school environment due to social and emotional difficulties. The fundamental objective is to help students develop the necessary skills that will enable them to be successfully integrated in the mainstream school environment.

Students are provided individualized assistance from the SEP classroom teacher as well as paraprofessionals throughout the school day and their high school career. The program serves 15 students ranging from age 14-21. The students are enrolled in grades 9-12 and their integration levels vary from 0% - 100%. In order to qualify for placement in ESP students must have a psychiatric diagnosis, average to low-average intelligence and exhibit deficits in social skills.


General Profile-Needs of Students in Our Programs

Students in the program may have difficulty with executive function and self regulation. These descriptions include skills such as organization, memory, planning, problem-solving, emotional control, distractions, attention shifting, sequencing, over-focus on details and inability to generalize.


Services Provided by SEP


→ In class curriculum and modified classes where needed. Grade 9-12.
→ Tutorial Support. Grade 10-12.
→ Educational Assistance in classroom and tutorial.
→ Bridging with students, parents, teachers, physicians and additional support services the students may have or need.
Guidance in learning, organizational and social skills.
→ Academic, Behavioral & Emotional

Adaptations that may be Required in the Classroom



◊ Amended examinations- exams written in the ESP room, reduce number of questions, oral responses, additional approaches that can minimize the process of difficulties and maximize expression of what the student knows.
◊ Print copy of notes, note summaries, exam guidelines, shortened assignments, clear guidelines and expectations.
◊ Communication with ESP to ensure students are receiving the same information from the classroom and from ESP. Deadlines for assignments, exams and progress updates.
◊ Written and clear instructions for projects and assignments.


How Information is Provided to Teachers

Information is provided to teachers through meetings as needed, e-mail communication through SEP teachers, updates through educational assistants, student profiles distributed at the beginning of each semester and cumulative folders.




 Stephan Endsin & Jefferson Little




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