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English as an Additional Language (EAL)

English as An Additional Language


We are excited to have students with diverse language backgrounds at Thom Collegiate!


Students new to the English language have the additional support of Mr. Moore and Mr. McPherson, EAL teachers at Thom Collegiate. Students who are proficient in the English language are integrated into mainstream classes.


Our Settlement Support Worker in Schools (SSWIS) is Duncan Brawn. He can be reached via email and is also at Thom Collegiate Tuesday afternoons and Wednesday evenings at the Community Coffee House. More information about the SSWIS program is available on the RODS website.


More detailed information about EAL programming, available through Regina Public Schools, is available on the

RPSB website.


One of the exciting programs that is unique to Thom, is the Community Coffee House, which takes place on Wednesdays

from 6-8 p.m. This program is run in partnership with Regin Open Door Society and is open to everyone of all ages, languages, proficiency levels, and cultures. We would love

to see as many Thom Collegiate families come out to meet other Regina community members. Our students plan and

lead activities for the children and teens to informally learn and practice the English language, while the adults do the

same through communicative activities or informal social conversations.


We are in the process of trying to get our Community Coffee House posters translated into all the languages spoken in

the Regina Community. Stay tuned for more language translations!! 


Please contact Thom Student Services at (306) 523-3608 or via email if you have questions about the

Community Coffee House, or would like to get involved, make new friends, and help build community! 






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